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Ways to Remove a Tree Stump

A tree stump is a small portion of a tree trunk with the roots still on the ground after it has been cut and felled. Not only are tree stumps difficult to remove but also are unpleasant sight. Shredding with a grinder, burning and digging out are some of the ways of tree stump removal. Some tools are used hand in hand with the grinder to remove tree stumps. The shovel or mattock are used to clear the rocks around the stump. Cutting of the tree stump to reduce the size completely is done by a chainsaw which is done to level it on the ground significantly. The grinder then follows suits and is able to completely remove the stump.

The grinder is a dangerous equipment thus handling with care is important and protective gear should be worn. Goggles or glasses are worn to protect ones eyes from flying debris and wood chips. Aside from the precautionary measure of protective gear, learning to use the machine before -hand should be done especially if you are a first timer. Aside from using a grinder, a tree stump can be removed by use of a chemical.

Some items are needed in order for the chemical process to be efficient.
Apart from shredding using a grinder, using a chemical mostly potassium nitrate the last option is by burning. Money is saved when one uses the burning process.

An extra method of tree stump removal involves rotting. The process of rotting includes drilling a hole on the stump about ten inch deep. Nitrogen is the gas component that is used to fill the hole of the tree stump. Water is then poured to the drilled hole and then chipping follows suits as the stump softens. The final process to this is that dirt is added in order to fill the hole.

The process of tree stump removal is not complete until its disposed well. By transforming tree stumps to wood chips using a wood chipper and then using them for various projects around the compound is a form of disposing. Stump removal companies are able to dispose of tree stumps and can be used as alternative of using a wood chipper to transform to wood chips.

There certain vital reasons as to why tree stumps are removed. There are three top main reasons as to why tree stumps are removed. Taking up valuable space as a reason for removal is that they get in the way of what people want in terms of their compound layout aside from resulting to an unpleasant view. Some tree stumps are large while others are camouflaged as weeds making them to be tripping hazards which can result to massive injuries. They are considered to be worse than weeds and give off an unpleasant view.

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